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  • What to know before buying a kids waterproof jacket

    Sun, Mar 10, 13

    We are often asked what is the difference between kids waterproof jackets, here we are going to attempt to answer this question from a parents point of view.

  • Guest Blog: Why I’ll be buying kids snow boots again this winter

    Tue, Oct 09, 12

    ‘Mum, my feet are really cold, can we go home now?’ You’re out on a winter walk, the children have their coats on and (remarkably) their hats but you’ve failed with the footwear, I remember my own wellied feet losing their feeling after only minutes in the snow as a child, so I do have some sympathy.


  • All the way from Sweden, Didriksons kids’ waterproofs

    Wed, Sep 19, 12

    Everyone knows that Scandinavian parents take their kids' outdoor clothing very seriously to allow them to keep their kids outside and still having fun in the depths of winter. Didriksons kids waterproof clothing fits the bill.

  • Sunshine at last! A trip on the river…

    Sun, May 13, 12

    I think that we were all starting to go a bit stir-crazy with all the rain we’ve been having lately. But Saturday finally brought bright sunshine and warm weather, so we threw one of the boats on the roof of the car and headed for the Thames at South Stoke.