Forest School Clothing - What to wear?

Forest School Clothing - What to wear?

When you’re thinking about what your child should wear for Forest School, remember the leaders won’t postpone activities because rain is forecast, their mantra is usually:  more mud = more fun! Watch our video below to explain how to dress your child for Forest School.


    So to ensure your children aren’t let down by turning up in the wrong gear here are our five top tips to get your children in the right clothing for Forest School.

    1. Waterproofs: a pair of waterproof dungarees is probably the single most useful piece of clothing for Forest School. Team these with a waterproof jacket and wellies and your child will be head to toe waterproof all day long.
    2. Jumper and trousers: fleece jumpers and trousers are fantastic for Forest School as they’ll keep your child warm; they are comfortable and don’t restrict movement and also very durable, quick drying and easy to clean.
    3. Footwear: wellies or outdoor boots are great and in the winter team them with a pair of warm socks, like ski socks that come up to the knee to help keep little toes warm.
    4. Layers: instead of putting your child in one thick coat with a t-shirt underneath, think about layering them up; perhaps a t-shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, fleece jumper and a waterproof jacket. This way they can take layers on and off as the weather changes.
    5. If your Forest School is in the woods, long sleeves are a good idea to help prevent scratches or stings.

    Clothing to avoid:

    • Cotton clothing, particularly jeans. When cotton gets wet, it stays wet and it’s uncomfortable to wear. Look for clothing made from synthetic fabric like fleece instead.
    • Coats that are water-resistant. There is a difference between a coat that is water-resistant and one that is waterproof and the difference is that you will not stay dry for long in a coat that is water-resistant. The PU style waterproofs are perfect for children as they are properly (sit in a puddle) waterproof, durable and very easy to look after.
    • Trainers - particularly white ones. Trainers are great on a dry day but if it’s wet or has been raining they will be ruined. If you dropped your child off with a pair of white trainers don’t expect them to come back white!

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