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  • How To Wash Waterproof Clothing

    Fri, Dec 07, 18

    It’s a grotty wet day; you’ve just picked your little one up from Forest School they have a great big grin on their face. They’ve had the “best day ever Mummy” running around in the woods with their friends and now they are happy, tired and caked head to toe in mud. You peel them out of their clothes and ask yourself “how am I going to wash these waterproofs?”

  • How To Wash A Sleeping Bag

    Tue, Jul 01, 14

    Prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping children’s sleeping bags clean. However sometimes no matter how carefully you look after sleeping bags you are going to have to clean them. So, how do you wash a sleeping bag?

  • Taking Kids Climbing: The Do's and Don'ts

    Mon, May 19, 14

    Climbing with young kids is not how I imagined it to be. But I’ve learnt a lot so far and there’ll be plenty more to learn as they get older, here are the three main lessons I’ve learnt, read more here...

  • Packing for Adventurous Family Holidays

    Tue, Apr 22, 14

    Going away with the family on all our adventures is always amazing fun but the packing all the kit for the trips is turning into a nightmare, something has got to change.

  • Top Ten Clothing Tips for Kids Skiing

    Tue, Jan 07, 14

    Skiing holidays are expensive! Taking kids skiing is even more expensive and let's not even think about the cost of going skiing in the school holidays!  How do you kit your kids out for skiing without breaking the bank?

  • Do Kids Merino Wool Thermals Itch?

    Mon, Oct 14, 13

    I have to admit I have always been dubious about giving my kids merino wool thermals to wear. Like most young children they can be extremely fussy about what they will put on. See how we got on with the Icebreaker Kids Merino Wool tops and hats, did they pass the itch test?