Girl on via ferrata in climbing gear

Kids' Climbing Gear - What you need to know

Over the past 20 years it has become so much easier to learn to climb, largely due to the growth in indoor climbing walls. When I learnt to climb back in the 1990s you really needed to find someone who “new the ropes” (no pun intended!) and you would learn from them or join a club and gradually be introduced to the climbing do’s and don’ts and and all the kit that comes with this fantastic activity.

Nowadays more and more children and adults are learning to climb as it is so easy to turn up at your local climbing wall and have a go. The classic way children are first introduced to climbing is through a birthday party at and indoor wall. They have a great time and want to go back and before you know it, as a non-climbing parent you will have signed them up on a beginners course. So we wanted to help those of you that don’t yet climb yourselves to understand the key pieces of climbing gear that your child will need as they start learning to climb. This video is aimed at those of you that have no climbing knowledge and hopefully will make you feel a bit more knowledgable about which climbing gear is appropriate for your child. We cover kids' climbing shoes, climbing harnesses, chalk bags and helmets.


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