Julbo Looping II Baby Sunglasses (Pink)

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Product description

Julbo's Looping II are top quality, fun and practical baby sunglasses. They provide protection for babies from around 6 to 18 months of age.
The Looping lenses provide 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays and are rated as Protection Class CE Category 4 (suitable for use at altitude, on water and in full sun).
The Looping range is made of a plastic which is soft to the touch and the frames are hingeless and reversible, so you'll never put them on the wrong way round! The frames are molded to fit a baby's head and additionally there is a removable headstrap to help keep them in place.

  • Substantial coverage right around the eyes
  • Handy reversible and flexible frames
  • Wrap-around frame molded to fit a baby’s face
  • Lenses provide 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays
  • Protection Class CE Category 4
  • Julbo lenses are optical class 1 (minimal light distortion through lens)
  • Protective storage bag, also used to clean lenses.

We say:

All Looping II baby sunglasses come with a head strap.


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