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Grangers Performance Waterproof Wash (300ml)

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Grangers Performance Wash is the ideal cleaner to use for PU waterproofs (often used by nurseries and schools like the Didriksons waterproof sets) and also to use as cleaner in preparation for re-proofing more technical waterproof clothing made from fabrics like Gore-Tex®

As with all Grangers products the Performance Wash is PFC free and Grangers whole production chain is Bluesign® approved. Grangers produce environmentally-responsible cleaning products to allow you to gain years of use out of your outdoor gear.

  • Powerful wash-in cleaner formulated specifically for outdoor garments
  • Restores the performance of all waterproof clothing, keeping you warmer and drier for longer.
  • Simply use half a cap to clean, remove odours, optimise breathability and revive any existing water-repellency.
  • This residue-free, eco-responsible formula is compatible with all water types and ideal as preparation for reproofing.
  • Suitable for all fabrics including Gore-Tex®
  • Size : 300ml