Deuter Sun Roof for Kid Comfort and Kid Comfort Active (2019 +)



Product description

It's always a good idea to carry the Deuter sun roof when you're using the baby carrier.  Children get a lot of exposure to the elements in a baby carrier so the sun roof is  invaluable on a hot day to help prevent little ones catching the sun ....and they can't throw it off like a hat!

The sun roof is made from a waterproof fabric so as well as providing shade it will give some protection form the rain too.

Deuter Child Carrier Sun Roof is compatible with both the Kid Comfort and the Kid Comfort Active child carriers (available since 2019)

It's quick mounting and and can be easily stored inside the under-seat pocket.  See our video to learn the knack of folding the sun canopy so it is easy to store in the under seat pocket.

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