Guest Blog: Why I’ll be buying kids snow boots again this winter

Guest Blog: Why I’ll be buying kids snow boots again this winter

‘Mum, my feet are really cold, can we go home now?’ You’re out on a winter walk, the children have their coats on and (remarkably) their hats but you’ve failed with the footwear, I remember my own wellied feet losing their feeling after only minutes in the snow as a child, so I do have some sympathy for my children when they have cold feet. We’re not very outdoorsy people but we like to go for a walk, play in the garden and to be warm when we do it, so this year I decided to buy my son (6) and daughter (4) some Sorel snow boots. Our attempts at an outdoor life have become a lot less stressful since then!

The children have worn their kids snow boots on and off between September and April this year. They've worn them on the beach, sledging, making snowmen at home, and to just tramp through the streets on the way to the shops and school. I honestly do not hear them moaning about the cold any more because their feet are warm and dry, whatever the weather.

So I've written on my calendar as a reminder in September, "check that the snow boots still fit" and if not I won't hesitate to get some more. The lack of moaning from my kids is well worth the investment!

Guest Blogger: Emma (Mum of two)

A customer of Little Adventure Shop

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