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Waterproofs for toddlers… surviving a rainy lockdown: 


With the latest lockdown in place, loads of children and parents will be desperate to get outside as much and as often as possible. If you live in the UK, you’ll know that it’s not uncommon to experience endless days of rain at this time of year. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to stay cooped up in your house. To help, we’ve compiled our favourite ‘sit-in-a-puddle’ tested waterproofs for toddlers, allowing you to get your children out of the house whatever the weather is doing.

Waterproof Dungarees:

With their great coverage, it is no wonder dungarees are often the top choice for Forest schools, nurseries and pre-schools. They’re durable and brilliant at keeping both water and wind at bay. Customers always give great feedback on Didriksons Plaskeman Dungarees. Most importantly they work - they really are ‘sit-in-a-puddle’ waterproof, and parents love the fact that they are so low maintenance… If your little adventurer has caked themselves in mud after a serious puddle jumping session it’s no problem, wipe the dungarees down with a wet cloth, and they are good to go again. The underfoot loops, elasticated ankles and braces make them easy to move about in and ensure no drafts go up your toddlers back. Oh, and they are also ‘builders bum’ proof! We recommend not washing them too often and ALWAYS following the instructions on the label. 

Waterproof Jackets:

If you have a properly waterproof winter jacket then you’re good to go. If you have a warm jacket that isn’t waterproof, and a lot of them aren’t (water-resistant isn’t the same as waterproof)

You can get a waterproof outer jacket, sometimes referred to as a shell jacket to pop over the top of your child’s warm jacket.


Southwester Hats: 

Regardless if you love the rain or hate it, a cold, wet head is never ideal, so rain hats - of course - are the best solution to keep you little adventurers head dry. The great thing about wearing a hat instead of a hood is your child will be able to hear you better without the constant rustle of a hood over their head - they’ll be able to hear better but we can’t guarantee that they’ll listen!  


So, no matter the weather, get outside during lockdown and make sure you continue with your fantastic adventures. 



Didriksons dungarees waterproof



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