Waterproof Winners: Best Ways To Beat The April Showers

Waterproof Winners: Best Ways To Beat The April Showers


Nothing marks the changing of the seasons more than spring showers. What starts as a cloudless sunny day can soon turn to an afternoon of torrential downpours in these temperamental months between winter and summer. So how do you keep your kids happy outdoors without lugging bags worth of outfit changes around? We’ve compiled our favourite waterproofs to combat those April showers right up until summer. Time to make a splash, and do so in style.


The easiest way to embrace the spring showers? Pop your kids into a pair of our Didriksons waterproof dungarees. Colourful, durable and ideal for keeping both water and wind at bay, your kids can run around in these fun sets all day long without getting themselves caked in mud. Available in many different colours, you can wipe these dungarees down with a wet cloth to leave them looking as fresh as ever. These pairs are extremely popular in schools and nurseries as they’re suitable for any kind of outdoor activity AND keep your little ones protected from head to toe. Invest in a full set with a matching jacket to truly ward off the weather for the ultimate rain repellant!


Layering is the best way to keep your children dry but not overheated as the weather starts to warm up. Our kids waterproof jackets are a perfect choice. If you just need a lightweight jacket to protect them from the worst of the weather or a sudden shower, then the Columbia Waterproof Jacket is a great place to start. This jacket comes in shades of navy, orange, pink and two other shades of blue, so no matter your child’s colour preferences they can find a style that suits them. The best part? They’re on sale, so you can grab a waterproof bargain that protects your wallet and your child’s wardrobe.


Cold, wet hair is often a surefire way to ruin the fun when you’re out on a family day, so having a handy hat collection is the best way to keep them dry and happy. Our kids rain hat collection is small and select - but for good reason. These Didriksons kids Southwester style rain hats have been tried and tested and are truly 100% waterproof. With neat ear flaps and an adjustable chin strap, these hats are a blessing on long outdoor activities when it starts to pour. Rain falls straight off these hats and leaves their heads warm and dry so that your family can avoid the cold.


It isn’t always enough to keep your kids dry when the heavens open - if they’re carrying hiking equipment, spare clothing or even their favourite toy, it’s important to keep their belongings out of the rain too. Our Deuter Rucksack Raincovers are bright and reflective to stand out in even the bleakest of weather and come in five individual sizes for every kind of backpack. Simply pull over your child’s bag and let the rain covers do their job whilst you carry on with the fun.

Which of these is your waterproof winner? Don’t forget to review our products and let us know if you find one you and your kids truly love!

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