Snow Boots vs. Wellies… Fight!

Snow Boots vs. Wellies… Fight!

When it comes to getting your little ones ready to outwit the winter weather, it can be hard to know what to put on their feet. Whilst the humble welly boot has remained a firm favourite for rainy days for decades, the snow boot has become an increasingly popular option for icy surfaces when the temperature drops. But which do you go for? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you decide before you head out into the cold.

Snow Boots

Once the preserve of the skiing class, the cosy alpine snow boot has exploded in popularity over the past ten years due to its insulating qualities and increasing affordability. So what makes these boots so effective?

The best thing about snow boots is how warm they keep your child’s feet, no matter the temperature. Our best-selling pairs are capable of withstanding temperatures down to -40 degrees, and we highly doubt you’ll be taking the kids anywhere colder than that! Fully insulated and with excellent grip, snow boots allow your children to maximise their time in the snow. Even if you haven’t had a full-blown visit from Jack Frost just yet, snow boots offer excellent protection from frozen ground and pavements due to their excellent grip and sturdy design. The extra traction might just come in handy on the walk down to nursery or school, especially if your car can’t make it down the drive!

When it comes to warmth and insulation, then snow boots are the real winner. Wellies might be waterproof, but they’re not known for being warm. Walking through snow with wellies on makes it all too easy for the cold to transmit through the boot to your kids’ toes - a very quick way to spoil the fun. A firm favourite in our snow boot range here at Little Adventure Shop is the Sorel Yoot Pac Nylon.  The Yoot Pac is easy for your kids to put on, has elastic laces to give a snug fit, are fully waterproof. The Sorel boots also come with a removable felt liner, which is a real help when it comes to drying the boots out overnight after a particularly exciting sledge ride!.

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Ideal for a rainy day, wellies cover more of the leg than the average snow boot, making them far more handy for wet weather and in particular mud. And given that you’re far more likely to be taking the kids out in the rain than the snow here in the UK, a sturdy pair of wellies should see you through most wintry adventures without any complaints. When you are thinking about wellies for winter conditions it is worth remembering that wellies made from natural rubber are much more insulating that the cheap plastic wellies. 

Everyone know that wellies aren’t going to keep your feet as warm as a pair of snow boots. But if your child’s feet are growing at a rate of knots and you don’t fancy buying a new pair of snow boots, then it’s time to get clever. The best way to combat chilly toes? The right pair of socks. Luckily every pair in our Little Adventure collection is designed with either hiking, skiing or even mountaineering in mind. What does this mean? It means that no matter which pair you buy, your child can wear socks that will maximise warmth and support their feet where they need it most.

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So now you know a little bit more about your child’s footwear, what will you be buying for their feet this winter? Given that here in the UK you could easily face up to five months of chilly winter weather, especially in colder regions such as Scotland and the northern counties, it really does pay off to invest in some sensible shoes for your little ones. If you’re always out and about, having winter warmers for their toes could save you a lot of arguments as soon as they start to feel the cold!

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