Osprey Poco And Poco Plus Baby carriers side by side

Osprey Poco vs Osprey Poco Plus Baby Backpack Carrier

Are you interested in buying an Osprey Poco baby carrier and can't decide between the Poco and the Poco Plus? They are both great baby carriers, but before you decide which one to buy it's worth understanding what the differences are between the two. In this blog we've put together a concise video for you which runs through the main differences and similarities of the Poco and Poco Plus as well as a comparison table. Further down you'll find links to out more in-depth video review on each baby carrier as well as a information on the accessories available, which is definitely worth looking at if you are planning on taking either Osprey baby carrier on flights.

Here's the video review of the differences between the Osprey Poco and the Poco Plus. We had both baby carriers side by side in the studio (minus the babies) to help give you a really good comparison. Have a watch, it's only 5 minutes long, we've kept the waffling to a minimum!

What are the differences between the Osprey Poco and Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carriers

Main difference between the Osprey Poco and Poco Plus is the storage. The Poco Plus has six litres more storage, most of it in the under seat storage and the rest in the larger front pocket.

The names Poco and Poco Plus are obviously very similar and therefore it's not surprising that the Poco Plus is basically the Poco carrier with a few extra bits. See the table below where we've collated the key similarities and differences between the baby carriers.

Comparison of Osprey Poco and Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carriers

  Poco Poco Plus
Weight 3.5 kg 3.6 kg
Dimensions 71 x 40 x 48 cm 73 x 40 x 48 cm
Storage 20 litres 26 litres
Max Load (child, carrier, pack combined) 22 kg 22 kg
Price (June 2023) £350 £400
Accessories included Sun cover, rain cover, foot straps, dribble pad Sun cover, rain cover, foot straps, dribble pad
Back system Airspeed Suspension Airspeed Suspension
Baby harness Padded cockpit with Double Halo harness Padded Cockpit with Double Halo harness
Waist belt Adjustable with two mesh pockets Adjustable with two zipped pockets and extendable "Fit-on-the_fly) hip pads.

Osprey Poco Baby Carrier Review

The Osprey Poco is is a great baby carrier for active families. We often recommend this backpack for use in hot weather as the sun shade is very effective and the back system has excellent ventilation. There are currently two colour options available, either a blue or black Poco baby carrier.

For a more in depth video of the Poco baby carrier see the video below:

Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carrier Review

If you want a more detailed review of the top of the range Poco Plus baby carrier click the video below:

Remember you don't need to buy the rain cover in addition as this is included with both the Poco and Poco Plus, you'll find it in the under-seat pocket. Next-Day delivery is included in the cost of the baby carrier.

Osprey Poco Baby Carrier Accessories

There are a couple of accessories you can buy with your Osprey Poco baby carrier. If you lose the big green rain cover then you can buy a replacement. It's worth noting that you should never lose the sun shade as it's attached to the  baby carrier.

The other accessory worth considering is the the carry case. It's a black bag that fits both the Poco and Poco Plus. If you are planning on using the carrier on holiday and flying then it's a good idea as it keep all the straps tidy and will help prevent the carrier being damaged in transit. See our video below to help visualise the baby carrier bag and get an idea of what else you'd be able to fit in it.

If you are unsure of the brand of baby backpack carrier you want to purchase then have a read of our comprehensive blog about: Which is the best baby backpack carrier for hiking.

Finally if you need a everyday backpack or a kids hiking backpack then have at look at the full range of kids Osprey backpacks available in the UK.

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