Little Adventures You Can Have At Home

Little Adventures You Can Have At Home

Being stuck at home for the foreseeable future is enough to evoke a mild sense of horror in even the best of us. Having to restrict your adventurous kids to the confines of your own house can be a daunting task when you’re lacking inspiration. Many of us are used to traveling further afield for fun activities that will get our kids out and about, keeping them busy - but there are plenty of activities you can create for your little ones within your own home and garden! Read on for our list of little adventures you can have at home.

Build a den

Whether inside or out, den building will prove to be lots of fun for all the family! Be it individual cubbyholes, a tent to fit you all, or even a whole camp’s worth - there is always a lot of fun to be had finding new materials to build a den with. Blankets, sheets, pegs, cushions, sticks, washing lines, trees - everything is a tool when you add imagination, and we all know kids have plenty of that!

Discover wildlife in your back garden

You don’t have to go to the wildlife park to discover new exciting creatures...just take a trip into your back garden! It’s insects galore out there and, armed with a magnifying glass and some simple garden tools, your kids are sure to discover some little crawlers that they’ve never seen before. Why not make it an educational activity too, creating a log book for them to draw and write about their new discoveries.

Another wildlife-focussed activity for kids? Bird watching! Not just for oldies, this exciting activity can be made kid-friendly too. Spend some time making simple bird feeders by covering a toilet roll tube with lard or peanut butter, rolling it in bird seed and placing it in your garden. Then, simply watch and wait as the birds come and enjoy your delicacies!

Create the perfect picnic

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had in creating the ultimate picnic! Not only will your kids have fun coming up with new things to eat (think of special sandwiches or funny ways to cut the vegetables), but they can also add to the adventure by planning out a ‘hiking route’ through the garden and picking the perfect picnic spot! If your garden is on the smaller side, you can find some obstacles to tackle along the way.

Learn about gardening

Growing your garden is not just an activity for the adults! This can be a great, educational adventure for your kids too. Spend some time researching together the types of things you can plant in your garden - whether it’s plants or vegetables - and learn how to seed and nurture them. The most exciting part? When your kids start to see their very own garden life begin to emerge!

Rubbish art

If your kids love getting messy, they’re gonna love this! Mix up their art time by finding some interesting materials in your recycling bin...and letting your kids paint them! Old egg boxes, milk cartons or toilet roll tubes - your little artists’ imaginations will run wild as they come up with crazy creations turning mess into masterpieces!

Treasure hunt

Not all treasure is silver and gold! There is plenty to be found (and hidden) within your home and garden. Draw your own treasure map and hide various treasures around the house, sending off your little explorers on a hunt to get the gold. Let them draw their own maps too, and have a hunt yourself. You can make this even more fun by dressing up!

Sports day

The event to look forward to in many kiddy calendars can also be held at home! Putting on a sports day in your own back garden or hallway will keep the kids active and will be a great deal of fun. Grab your eggs and have spoons at the ready for an egg and spoon race; dig out some old pillow cases for the sack race; create a relay lap around the garden - the possibilities are endless and you can think of other creative ways to replicate this classic sports day fun!

Baking and cooking

There’s nothing more rewarding than getting to snack on the fruits of your labour! And what better way to get your kids creating than with something they can eat at the end of it? It might be a new exciting cuisine for dinner, or some crazy cookie creations - the kitchen is a great place for your kids to get adventurous and create something new (and delicious!).

Build with boxes

Is there anything better than a child’s imagination? We don’t think so, and we can’t think of a better tool for it than the trusty cardboard box! Your little inventors can have hours of fun creating pirate ships, houses, boats, shops, musical instruments...the list goes on and on! Whether it’s big or small, they will love creating new worlds and playing new games with this fun and easy household object!

Make time for play

Making time for our children to play and have adventures is a vital part of them using their creativity to develop their imagination and their physical, cognitive and emotional strength. Interaction with the world around them is important for healthy brain development. Adding these adventures into their routine while you are staying at home will prove to not only be a lot of fun for the kids - you can be safe in the knowledge that your little ones are keeping busy, staying active and getting ready to go out and face the world on their own!

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