The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter

The Best Ways To Keep Your Kids Warm This Winter


Winter is a wonderful season, but it’s certainly not without its challenges. Whether you’re heading to the ski slopes for a family holiday or just out and about in the blustery British countryside, the colder months can often turn into a fight against the elements. So how do you make the most of family time in the frost and snow? Nothing dampens the outdoor fun like being wet and cold, but with the right protection, your kids can stay warm, safe and happy. We’ve compiled a list of essentials to keep your kids toasty, no matter the temperature!

Get The Right Thermals

When it comes to your child’s winter wardrobe, layering is key. Rather like laying down the foundations for a house, getting those base layers right will save you a lot of potential complaining about the cold later on. The best way to keep your child toasty from the get-go is a good set of kids thermals.

Not only can they be used as pyjamas on cold winter nights, thermals are also fast-drying, stretchy and easy to wash. Get your little ones to put their thermals on first before adding fleeces, coats and other layers and they’ll always have a soft base layer keeping them snug.


Keep Their Hands Warm


A warm, protective pair of kids gloves are essential for any nippy weather. As an extremity on the body, your child’s hands will get cold first, so it’s a good idea to wrap up before leaving the house. Ensure the gloves cover the wrists too, as your child will feel cold if they’re exposed. Mitts tend to be warmer than gloves as fingers are less exposed, and they’re easier for smaller children to put on without needing your help.

Our Didriksons Biggles Zip Mittens are a great choice as they come in a range of colours. Windproof and waterproof, these mittens also have attachment straps so they won’t ever get left behind!


Hand Warmers

Do your little ones love a good winter walk? They’ll need some extra warmth for those longer outings. Hand warmers are perfect for when the weather gets chilly and you’re a long way from home. You can store these in your bag and bring them out whenever you need to keep your child warm for up to 7 hours. Once the packets are opened, oxygen combines with the contents and they become a lovely source of heat for popping into their gloves or into pockets. Grab our 5-pack of hand warmers and you’ll have plenty to go around.

Make Sure They Wear A Warm Winter Hat

Just like adults, children lose most of their body heat through their heads. A soft winter hat is therefore exactly what they need when heading out into the cold - especially if it starts to snow! Whether your kid prefers a beanie hat, bobble hat or something else entirely, we have a range of colours and types to choose from.

If you’re looking for a hat that will also keep them extra dry, then our Didiriksons Biggles Hat is a real winner. Waterproof, windproof and fleece-lined, this hat comes in two colours and has been tried and tested against even the most extreme wintry weather.

Keep Their Feet Warm & Dry With Some Snow Boots

Cold, wet feet are one of the quickest ways to spoil a winter walk, so avoid tired toes with appropriate footwear and socks.

Our kids snow boots are the best option for good grip and warm insulation if your child loves the wintry weather and there are a huge range of colourful fashionable options available to keep your kids ahead of the trends. Alternatively, a supportive pair of walking boots are ideal for family walks on frosty mornings. Just don’t forget to wear insulating socks too!

At Little Adventure Shop, we have a fantastic selection that covers off everything you will need to keep your kids warm and happy this winter. And with our winter sale for kids outdoor clothing now on, you can make some great savings too.

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