Patagonia kids clothing, how to use the Extend Size system to extend the length of arms and legs.

Patagonia Kids' Clothing: How To Extend The Length Of Arms and Legs

When you buy Patagonia clothing for your little boy or girl you are investing in a jacket or pair trousers that will still have plenty of wear left long after your child has grown out of it. This is why Patagonia have name tags in their kids clothing with multiple lines for multiple owners. You can hand it on to younger siblings, friends or neighbours and have the satisfaction is seeing the number of children that can wear and get enjoyment out of a great quality piece of outdoor clothing. Recently Patagonia have taken this to another level with their Grow Fit system. This means you can now gain basically an extra size in the length of the arms and legs on some of their kids outwear,  so can get get even more wear out of the jacket or trousers before you hand them down.

You don't need to be a whizz at sewing to get to grips with Grow Fit, it really is very straight forward. All you need is a seam ripper or pair of small scissors; ideally sewing scissors, if not nail scissors or even pen knife scissors would do the job. Then find 10 minutes of quiet so you can concentrate in peace! 

Below is a short video explaining how to use the Grow Fit system in Patagonia kids clothing, or if you would prefer to read how to do it we've put step by step instructions further down the page.



Step-by-step instructions on how to use Patagonia's Grow Fit system to ensure you get the maximum wear out of your kid's clothing.


Step 1 - Patagonia's Grow Fit

Find the outerwear that you want to extend and turn in inside out. If Grow Fit is available you'll see a section of gathered fabric and insulation on the lower half of the sleeve or leg. The section will be sewn up with a thread in a contrasting colour. Please note that Grow Fit is only available in the waterproof outerwear which is synthetically insulated; for example skiwear like the Snow Pile Jacket and pants. Grow Fit is not available in Patagonia kids down or Nano-Puff jackets.


Patagonia Extend Size - Step 1


Step 2

For those of us over the age of 40 it's time to get your glasses out! Sit in a well lit area with your sewing/nail/pen-knife scissors or seam ripper and carefully slide one blade under a stitch in the middle of the arm (away from the under arm/leg seam) and cut the thread making sure not to snag the lining fabric. Now unpick the rest of the seam by gently pulling and picking the stitches out. When you get around to the under arm/leg seam take extra care as this is where the Grow Fit stitching starts and ends. There may be some overlapping stitches here which require a little more patience. It shouldn't take more than around five minutes to release each arm or leg extension.


Patagonia Extend Size - Step 2


Step 3

Remove all the loose threads and pull the arm or leg to its full extension. You should see a good inch of extension. Now move onto the other side and repeat.

We haven't tried to reverse the Grow Fit system by sewing the lining and insulation back up. However if you are reasonably competent with a sewing machine I think this would be relatively straight forward. You would just need to make sure you didn't accidentally sew into the outer layer of fabric.


Step 3 - Patagonia Extend Size


When your son or daughter's wrists or ankles start showing when they are out and about in their Patagonia gear, it's definitely time to use the Grow Fit system. As we've shown you above it really is very straight forward to do and will hopefully allow your kids another seasons wear out of their existing Patagonia clothing.


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