Do Kids Merino Wool Thermals Itch?

Do Kids Merino Wool Thermals Itch?

I have to admit I have always been dubious about giving my kids merino wool thermals to wear. Like most young children they can be extremely fussy about what they will put on. The other day, for example, I had to go out to buy some shoes with my youngest daughter and she insisted on wearing her dress inside out as the seams "make me scratch Mummy". So when I was given a couple of kids Icebreaker merino wool tops to try on my own children I was less than convinced they would be a success. All the bumph on the packing tells you they won't itch... really? 


Fast forward to this weekend and a blustery morning at Lulworth Cove. The kids had worn their merino tops (next to their skin) for an hour and so far there had been no complaints. However we've been here before and this could just be the honeymoon period a new piece of clothing has, so I reserved judgement until the end of the day to see if they were still wearing them.


The result: Well I was pleasantly surprised that my daughters loved the tops, there was not the slightest complaint of itching and they kept them warm all day. In fact, I had trouble getting them out of them at bedtime. So thanks John from Icebreaker, I've been converted, kids (even fussy ones!) can enjoy wearing merino wool thermals..and hats!


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