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Grangers Down Care Kit (300ml)

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Does your down jacket need a bit of TLC. The Grangers Down Care kit is a perfect to help you look after your down and synthetic filled clothing and sleeping bags.

The care kit combines powerful cleaning with re-establishing any previous water repellency. Which maximises the performance of down-filled clothing and gear to keep the you, the user warmer and dryer.

Nervous about washing your down jacket? This kit really does take the stress out of washing your favourite down jacket or sleeping bag. Just half a cap of the Grangers Down Wash + Repel  is plenty to clean up your down clothing without damaging the down and to re-establish the outer fabric water repellency. Then the prickly balls help to bring back the loft in the tumble dryer with out bashing the down around too much - simple!

As with all Grangers products the Down Wash is PFC free and Grangers whole production chain is Bluesign®  approved. Grangers really do make environmentally-responsible cleaning products to allow you to gain years of use out of your outdoor gear.

  • Restores the performance of all down and synthetic down-filled clothing and equipment.
  • Powerful wash-in cleaner is formulated specifically for insulated articles.
  • Use half a cap to improve loft, remove dirt and odours and restore any existing water- repellency, ensuring breathability.
  • Recommend for insulated jackets and sleeping bags.
  • Size: 300ml