Kids Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aid Fitting Guide

When buying a kids lifejacket, it is important to consider the weight of your child as a factor in picking the right size of lifejacket. We categorise kids lifejackets into the following three weight ranges:

  • Babies (3-15kg) 
  • Children (15-30kg = 2 stone 4lb – 4 stone 7lb) 
  • Juniors (30-50kg = 4 stone 7 lb - 7 stone 9lb) 
  • Buoyancy aids for Juniors (30-50kg)

Before purchasing a lifejacket from us we recommend you review the information below to ensure you are choosing the lifejacket or buoyancy aid model which is the most appropriate for your requirements.

        Crewsaver Supersafe 150N
          Baby & Kids Life Jacket
It is very important that a child’s lifejacket should fit well and not be oversized, i.e. you should not buy a lifejacket for your child to grow into. The fit is more important than the weight class. Crutch straps are provided as standard with all life jackets we sell and it is advisable to wear them at all times as they help to ensure the lifejacket is correctly fitted.
Lifejackets are recommended for babies, children and all non-swimmers. Kids Lifejacket design concentrates the foam to both the front of the jacket and the collar, this aids the child into a safe swimming position i.e. face up when in the water.
Auto-Inflating Lifejackets
Auto-inflating kids lifejackets are designed for use in situations where immersion in the water is a very rare event. These are much slimmer than a traditional foam-filled lifejacket and contain a gas-cylinder that will immediately inflate the lifejacket with carbon-dioxide should your child fall in the water (just like a car airbag). These lifejackets are excellent for trips in boats and on yachts where your child is likely to remain dry and requires high freedom of movement. These jackets are not ideal for canoeing, dinghy sailing and waterskiing.

Buoyancy Aids
A kids buoyancy aid provides less floatation but more manouverability than a lifejacket. Unlike a lifejacket a buoyancy aid will not aid the wearer into a safe back position, it will only keep the wearer afloat. Kids buoyancy aids are therefore suitable for swimmers only. The manouverability they allow means they are great for most types of surface water sports such as dingy sailing, paddling, windsurfing.

Buoyancy aids typically suit older children or those who are at the point of actively participating in a watersport (such as paddling a canoe).


                  Baltic Dinghy Pro Buoyancy Aid
Our Kids' Lifejackets and Buoyancy Aids
We sell a wide variety of lifejackets and buoyancy aids for both babies and older children and can help you with choosing the right type for your baby or child. Three examples of the different types can can be found below. Our full selection can be found here.