Deuter Sun and Rain Cover for Kid Comfort I and II



Product description

Deuter Child Carrier Sun Roof and Rain Cover is compatible with both the Kid Comfort I and II child carriers (pre 2019 models), and can be easily stored inside either. It is quick mounting to provide protection from both sun or rain.

We say:
It is a good idea to carry the Deuter sun roof and rain cover when you are using your baby carrier. Obviously if the rain comes in you can keep your child drier but also the sun roof can be invaluable on a hot day to help prevent little ones catching the sun ....and they can't throw it off like a hat. 

The sun roof is made from a close knit mesh material and the rain cover is stored in a zip compartment at that back.  If the weather closes in you pull out the rain cover and attach it over the top of the sun roof (as shown in the main picture).

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Customer Reviews

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