Camping with kids: Ten top tips to help you cope in hot weather

Posted by Rebecca McCalla on

With temperatures soaring and the school holidays almost upon us, holiday planning is in full swing. If you are taking your kids camping have a quick read of our top ten tips for camping with kids in hot weather!

  1. If possible pitch your tent under some shade.
  2. If the weather is forecast to be calm, pitch into the prevailing wind so you can get a breeze through the tent.
  3. Open all the vents or windows on your tent and if you have a small tent a tarpaulin pitched over the entrance will provide more shade for sitting and eating.
  4. To avoid the sun waking your family early in the morning try to pitch with shade on the East side of your tent.
  5. Pack drink bottles for the whole family, so they can keep hydrated without constantly nagging for a drink.
  6. It goes without saying that sun hats, sun cream sunglasses and light-weight clothing are a must.
  7. If it's too hot to sleep in sleeping bags, then take single duvet covers and sleep in them, laid on top of the sleeping bags.
  8. A small hand-held water spray bottle can be handy for cooling kids down if they aren't near water.
  9. Plastic stack-a-boxes can double up as great paddling pools for babies and toddlers 
  10. Finally speaking from personal experience just remember that hangovers, hot tents and early rising kids are a heady mix!

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